New Greenville program enables exercise prescription, tracking

Lack of exercise is a direct contributor of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, stroke and other chronic diseases.

Yet, more than half of adults do not the meet national guidelines for physical activity, said Dr. Jerry Youkey, dean of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

It’s a problem that USC, the Greenville Health System (GHS), the YMCA of Greenville and the American College of Sports Medicine believe they can help change.

They’ve partnered to launch program that, according to Youkey, makes it easier and more affordable for patients to get the exercise and support they need to improve and quality of life.

The new Exercise is Medicine Greenville program prescribes exercise to patients and tracks it “as part of their electronic medical record – as a vital sign comparable to blood pressure or cholesterol – so that the clinician and fitness team has nearly real-time access to exercise progress and can intervene with the patient to get them back on track as needed,” a release from GHS said.

“There’s actually data that shows that patients who get a prescription are more likely to do exercise than if you just tell them to ‘Have a nice day and go get some exercise,’” said GHS president Spence Taylor.

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